Our Mission

It is the mission of the Skill Academy is to educate, empower, and to nurture the God-given abilities of student-athletes for the purpose to instill confidence, respect, integrity, discipline, responsibility, and courage, enabling them to achieve their dreams and to live a productive and successful tomorrow.

Our Vision

The vision of the Skills Academy is to instill solid basketball fundamentals to ensure the development of well-rounded student athletes.  Core values the Skills Academy embrace are:

  • Innovative Coaching
  • Player Development
  • Communication
  • Sportsmanship
  • Competition
  • Academic Excellence
  • Accountability
  • Fun


Coach Suff’s ability to instruct and teach the finest points of skill development and how to use them in the game are second to none.
— Coach Steve Ketchum, Aspen Basketball Academy – CEO/Owner/Director

I really mean it when I say how thankful we are for you. Not only did you teach her valuable skills, but the biggest impact is the confidence you have given her. It is rare to to find a coach like you. Seriously! We would know!! All these girls have been lucky to have you. I hope she will get to continue getting your coaching. Again, you know what your doing and have taught them so much. But it’s what you’ve taught them as to being a confident player, life skills and great sportsmanship. Thank you so much and hope you continue for a long time. You’ve made more impact than you realize.
— Rebecca Mroz - Charlotte Storm Parent

Players respond to his enthusiastic approach and his positive demeanor.
— Tracy Headen - Skills Academy Parent

Coach Suff. demonstrates a good work ethic and a high moral standard. He works hard both on and off the court and has proven to be punctual and completes his work with a high level of quality.
— Coach James Branham