The Skills Academy is a basketball-training program for youth, grades 3 - 12, who wish to enhance their basketball skills in a small group setting.  Our purpose is to instill confidence by maximizing the God-given abilities in young athletes by understanding commitment, dedication, effort and discipline to be successful in their craft of basketball as well as any endeavor they so choose.   Skills Academy training sessions are formatted to cover all basic basketball skills as well as to hone in on specific basketball skills as well.  The Skills Academy’s approach to training is bundled into four keys facets - Skills, Speed, Power, and Agility.  Among the many skills sets in the game of basketball, we incorporate our four keys facets with each skill/drill performed.  For beginning athletes, the four basketball skill sets we stress are as follows:  

  • Dribbling Skills – Increase dribbling skills with both right and left hands respectfully.
  • Shooting Skills – Develop the skill to consistently shoot with the correct form, rhythm, and with using the proper footwork. 
  • Finishing Skills – Learn to finish layups and short baskets with correct footwork, timing, and with using both right and left hands. 
  • Agility Skills – Boost overall sport performance by enhancing quickness, proper footwork, balance, and coordination. 

The overall goal for the beginner level athletes is to establish a solid foundation and to transition into an intermediate level player.

For our intermediate athletes, our goal is to build on the core fundamentals with drills that focus on the science of basketball, which will prepare the player for all situations of play.

For intermediate athletes, the five basketball skill sets we stress are as follows:

  • Dribbling Skills – Polish ball handling skills so that it becomes second nature.
  • Shooting Skills – Develop a pure shot with the ability to consistently shoot using the correct form, rhythm, and proper footwork. 
  • IQ Skills – Understand how to play the game of basketball with your mind and breakdown defenders with little effort. 
  • Agility Skills – Improve overall sport performance by enhancing quickness, footwork, balance, and coordination.
  • Playmaking Skills – Learn to create plays with and without the basketball utilizing positioning and spacing on the court.


~ Coach Adrian Suffren